A Package of Materials for Suppression Fire Promotion

Traditional media and Information and Communication Technologies are used to share and enhance knowledge, know-how and experiences about this technique

This package of materials is a meta-product that includes several sub-products entitled Fire Scenarios, GIS tools to plan Suppression Fires, Tools for Fire Commanders, Training for Fire Professionals, Fire Intuition (Information Management Platform), Video Packages, Online Multimedia Platform, Communication Plan, Target Oriented guidelines and a Set of regional Suppression Fire. Details about all these products developed in the Fire Paradox project are available on line on the Fire Paradox web site (www.fireparadox.org/) in “Our Results” section. The objective of this package is to offer to the users all the knowledge, know-how, experiences, references which exists on Suppression Fires in order to promote its use, and enhance the confidence in its efficiency. Furthermore, this product gathers the main outputs of research efforts in the domain of numerical and experimental investigations on suppression fires.

Product's leader

Marta Miralles, GRAF-DGPEIS
Marta Miralles
Fire analyst in Catalan Fire-Fighters Department,

Who will be interested in this product and why?

All the Fire Services administrations involved with the Suppression fire, and all those involved in the development of any tool that could be useful for suppression fires.

What are the innovative features?

The innovative aspects are the capacity to share information in a common fire language, a common legend and a common visual organization. Furthermore, it is the first step to share all the information involved in suppression fire.

How does it serve the European cause with respect to the philosophy of Fire Paradox?

By using this fire share USB information, all the knowledge about suppression fire will be transmitted to other colleagues of the European countries and the Mediterranean regions.

Leader Contact

General objectives

The main objective of this package is to:
(i) understand the mechanisms conditioning the effectiveness and safety of the use of backfires at an operational level;
(ii) disseminate these outputs through handbooks adapted to fire professionals;
(ii) deduce and offer them practical recommendations.

Its functionalities are basically to:
(i) explain the main physical mechanisms on which backfire effectiveness is based;
(ii) act as a guideline for backfire safety, in association with backfire experts.

Innovative aspects

The paramount innovation lies in the fact that the interaction between two opposite fire lines has never been simulated with a fire model based neither physically nor experimentally. The package includes commented films and animated images based on experimental suppression fires and outputs from FireTec simulations with a view to satisfy pedagogical aims. These documents will be available on a dedicated section of the Web site, regularly updated and enriched and this section will be largely open to the public.

Major results

A USB-memory stick will be created to share all the documents and information generated around this product. The USB will contain all the documentation developed by the different teams of the Fire Paradox project in agreement with several other teams not involved in the consortium.
The aim of this USB is to share knowledge with all the people involved in SF. It will contain well documented fires, real demonstrations, fire perimeter data base, etc…

A Package of Materials for Suppression Fire Promotion - http//www.fireparadox.org

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