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A "prototype" of a communication tool which can be used at a regional or national scale to promote the use of prescribed fires in Europe

A Portuguese Prescribed Burning web site has been developped in the context of the Fire Paradox programme to share insights, views, tools and approaches to combat wildfire threats with fire. It focuses mainly on the impact of images and the exchange of information about the various activities related to prescribed burning. The web site is first and foremost dedicated to prescribed burning dissemination and regulation in Portugal. Indeed, it is thought to be too difficult to design a European web site due to very heterogeneous legal aspects and different national organisations. This communication tool will be used as a "model" of what can be done at a regional or at country-wise level to promote the use of prescribed fire. The first version of the web site was developed by the MTDA team (France) with the assistance of various partners involved in the European project, as well as the final user (Autoridade Florestal Nacional).

Daniel Alexandrian
Daniel Alexandrian

Who will be interested in this product and why?

• The general public will be interested in prescribed fire information and prescribed fire information such as objectives, procedures etc;
• Journalists searching for prescribed fire information and application;
• Forest managers interested in fuel and ecosystem management, bibliographies, results, organisation and possibilities;
• Fire and forestry professionals interested in prescribed fire activities, prescribed fire training and accreditation system, using prescribed fire as a training tool for fire suppression and also using prescribed fire fuel management localization for fire suppression strategies;
• Prescribed fire professionals who need information about accreditation procedures, planning actions and procedures, bibliographies, prescription assistance, data registration and management from application and monitoring actions.
• National Forest Services (Autoridade Florestal Nacional - AFN) interested in the management of all prescribed fire activities, evaluation and organisation of needs and activities.
• All public entities interested in prescribed fire actions (Municipalities, Forest Services, Forestry Associations, Protect Areas Services, etc.).

What are the innovative features?

It is an easy dissemination system about prescribed burning activities. The web site integrates all procedures for prescribed fire information, activities and results.

How does it serve the European cause and promotes the philosophy of Fire Paradox?

A more rational use of fire can decrease the number and the impact of wildfires in Europe. Indeed, we need to promote the distribution of information, possibilities and results for a wiser use of fire. The information is thus organised and accessible for a professional and non professional public. Our user-friendly platform promotes the utilisation of technical knowledge, its storage and the evaluation of their results.

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General objectives

The Portuguese Prescribed Burning web site is a prototype of a communication tool which integrates general information for the public and specific ones for professionals. It is also a prototype database for registration and management of information, procedures, experiences and dissemination. It promotes information about the wise management of the forest and ways to prevent wildfires with prescribed burning. There are two types of information:
- General information for the public which aims educating the public at large: history, fire ecology, objectives, laws, organisation, bibliography…
- Information for professionals such as "registered"/ "accredited" professionals who have access to lists and maps and which can apply multi-criteria research in the Data Base.

Innovative aspects

The true innovation lies in a single tool for professionals gathering information on prescribed burning in a dedicated space.
Subsequently, information is put on-line and the web site is opened to the public. To make it possible to fulfil its role, the Portuguese version of the web site will be implemented in tandem with the English one.
Articles in professional papers and professional conferences will promote this product.

Major results

Information for non professionals is provided:

- Past training experience is described:
o List, map
o Description, participants, materials etc.

- Announcements of upcoming training courses:
o Description, location
o Registration form, list of participants accepted
o Materials

Forms are available on-line: Plano de Fogo Controlado – PFC* (Prescribed Fire Plan) and Plano Operacional de Queima – POQ* (Operational Burning Plan):
- Exchange between:
o Public entities (Municipalities, Forest Services, Forestry Associations, Protect Areas Services) who are willing to apply a Prescribed Fire in their forest [Demand]
o Professionals duly accredited, which are offering their assistance

* PFC form to plan PF
* POQ form to execute PF

Incidents reporting system
- Forms, documents…
- List of past incidents
- Maps

News, mailing list, RSS:
- Public:
o To distribute general information among the public (subscribe/unsubscribe), starting from an initial list
- Private:
o To distribute specific information among the professionals (registered)

The web site contains a database for professional training, for predicting prescribed burning conditions, for drawing maps, and for analysing fire statistics etc.

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