Set of Regional Suppression Fires Demonstrations Sites

To encourage and improve the use of these techniques as a tool to combat wildfires in all European and other countries

Fire Paradox project sets the basis for an on-going process to promote suppression fires at european level and the tool which is currently being realised by the Catalan’s team reflects this effort. Suppression Fire (SF) refers to the fire-fighting tactics used to suppress wild land fires e.g. intentional application of fire to speed up or strengthen fire suppression action on wildfires. The different types of suppression firing include backfire, burning out and counter firing. Hence, wild fire trained crews suppress flames, construct firelines to stop the progress of a wild fire by using fire, extinguish flames and areas of heat and in this way protect resources, habitats and the natural environment.

Product's leader

Marta Miralles, GRAF-DGPEIS
Marta Miralles
Fire analyst in Catalan Fire-Fighters Department,

Who will be interested in this product and why?

All those who fight wild fires and use fire as a tool to suppress them will be interested in this product. Nowadays the occurrence of wild land fires which burn with high intensities is greater than the availability of water resources to suppress them. I believe that the fire departments need to incorporate fire as a tool in their service. To this end, fire-fighters need to know all about this tool to use with it efficiently.

What are the innovative features?

The innovative aspects are in the practices that fire-fighters from different countries share as for example prescribed burning and suppression fires. It is of interest for fire-fighters who do not use these techniques and even for those who use them as it enables them to acquire new knowledge.

How does it serve the European cause with respect to the philosophy of Fire Paradox?

The demonstrations sites show the results of the meetings during which all the fire users learned from each other and put into practice their use of fire as a tool. Furthermore, these sites show how to execute several manoeuvres by using fire during a wild fire. In some countries, it is not possible to use these techniques for the time being. These experiences may set the basis to harmonise the use of suppression fire at European level. Indeed, I strongly believe that it is an opportunity to be seized so as to share these techniques with all the fire suppressors as fire will be one of the most useful tools in the coming years to fight wild land fires in European countries as well as in the Mediterranean zone.

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General objectives

The tool designed by the Catalan’s team aims to:
- train fire professionals in fire use during a wildfire;
- learn about fire behavior and fire operation specificities;
- promote the knowledge on fire as a technique;
- create a net of Suppression Fires demos sites;
- elaborate a web site;
- create a meta data base with “key words” ;
- explain lessons learned during exchanges;

Innovative aspects

The innovation lies in the use of technical fire as a tool for a suppression Fire. The partners involved in this product will transfer their knowledge and know-how through conferences and workshops, training modules, web-base visualisation, exchanges during training and emergency periods.

Major results

- The implementation of the Fire demos site by filling the templates with inputs such as :
o General info
-- Place, date, target, objectives, habitat
o Scenario
-- Map, Meteo, fire careers
o Fire behaviour
o Highlights

- The creation of the metadata base “key words” with the support of other partners of Fire Paradox project

- The edition of the Web site related to Suppression Fire exercises and demonstrations:
o Real SF with examples of:
-- Aragon and Catalan firefighters
-- French and Catalan firefighters
o Exercises of SF carried out in:
-- England (firefighters from 3 zones, forest managers, local stakeholders, and researchers)
-- Portugal


Set of Regional Suppression Fires Demonstrations Sites

Set of Regional Suppression Fires Demonstrations Sites

Set of Regional Suppression Fires Demonstrations Sites - http//

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