Children corner

coin enfantThe site protecting the forest

With this site, you are going to discover how to protect the forest and fight fires.

  • - Thanks to the tree of knowledge you will be able to describe what needs a tree for living.


LivretYou will be able to download the booklet and print it. It will remind you the security behaviour and action against fire fighting. You will be able to keep it close to you and show it to your friends so they can also protect the forest against fire.

Dangerous object for the forest

ResponsabilitéYou will be able to discover and speak about dangerous object around you.

Let's go discover how you can act for the forest

Web site download (run projectEnfent.swf)

Download the children's catalogue and the children's sticker

Download the children's booklet

Download the children's post

Web site access (initial version)(French)

Fire Paradox Video game

Video Game Fire ParadoxThe official game Fire Paradox. Now, you are going to save the forest:

Your mission if you accept it, is to protect your hill.

Judge how you accomplish your mission.

You will find some help on this site.

This mission is of utmost importance to me so do not disappoint me.

This message will destroy itself in five seconds.


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