Fire Intuition – the Fire Paradox Information Platform

Turning data into knowledge requires exchanging and analysing information in the light of experience, through dialogue - a two-way process of exchange - and through an appropriate channel of communication. Substantial amounts of heterogeneous basic facts and statistics related to wildfires have been collected and stored in various database systems and information services in Europe over the years. The Fire Paradox Information Management Platform entitled ‘Fire Intuition’ addresses the needs to build a comprehensive entry point to wildfire information and information sources. It thus provides access to a variety of information and data produced within the Fire Paradox project but also contains an extensive metadata catalogue to other information sources on wildfires. Fire Intuition is implemented by the European Forest Institute (EFI) and assisted by the Fire Paradox consortium delivering the contents.

Product's leader

Andreas Schuck
Andreas Schuck
Head of Office - EFICENT
European Forest Institute

Who will be interested in this product and why?

It is targeted to serve the needs of a wide range of users including policy makers, researchers, fire managers and the general public and is an interactive platform for providing access to Fire Paradox products, deliverables and other outputs.

What are the innovative features?

Fire Intuition is a flexible combination of: the Dendro tool to create metadata about the diverse information resources; metadatabase; a data repository; and a web-based interface to allow the search and provision to the information resources including the main products of the Fire Paradox project. The metadata structure is based on the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) taking into account the ISO 19115 and INSPIRE standards. The Dendro tool allows the metadata structure for individual integrated products to be easily adapted for the product to allow users to easily identify information resources of interest.

How does it serve the European cause with respect to the philosophy of Fire Paradox?

It allows information and data resources to be made easily accessible to interested users. In this way it complements and strengthens also other information and communication tools of the Fire Paradox project thus supporting its goals.

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General objectives

The major objective is to create an information and data superstore so as to:
- transfer knowledge;
- provide access to data, metadata and information resources;
- provide access to project outputs;
- allow users to interact with Fire Intuition.

Innovative aspects: Access to a wide range of content related to wildfires in Europe

BBesides data, other materials are available including collections of fire policies, literature, images and videos, applications (models/simulators) and descriptions of demonstration sites. The functional web-based interface provides easy access to the content. The EFI team has integrated the following products from Fire Paradox:

• Prescribed Burning Demonstration Sites (datasheets)
• Suppression Fire Demonstration Sites (datasheets)
• Fuel Manager (application)
• Fuel Knowledge Platform (comprising Fuel Characteristics Database; Fuel Wiki; Fuel Swing)
• Legislation and Policies Interactive Map
• Traditional Fire Use Interactive Map
• Fire Hazard Mapper (GIS application)
• Prescribed Burning Mapper (GIS application)
• Large-scale Fire Simulator (application)
• Fire Cost (application)
• PiroPinus (application)
• Mediabase (collection of photos, videos and other documents collected during the Fire Paradox project)
• Fire Paradox deliverables database
• Metadatabase on other wildfire information sources

Core components of the platform

• Dendro - a tool to compile metadata and upload data and other resources
• Central data repository
• Metadata search and data download facility
• Content - consisting of diverse data and information types

Fire Intuition Screenshot

Fire Intuition
Prescribed burning demo sites search in Fire Intuition and the datasheet for a PB demo site at Serra do Marăo, Portugal.

Fire Intuition

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