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Latest addition : 8 April 2010.
  • Supression Fire Magazine - 5th Issue

    26 de Março de 2010
    The GRAF team has produced the 5th issue of the Supression Fire Magazine. On this number you can find articles related to: supression fire in Sardinia; advanced training course for fire professionals in South africa; Operating exchange in France and an operational report of forest fire in Argentina in 1979.

  • New method to test plants’ response to fire

    Developed in the frame of FIRE PARADOX

    12 October 2009
    A team from the National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology (INIA) has developed a new method for identifying the flammability of plant species by using a device that measures how construction materials react to fire. The technique, which is being presented this week at the Fifth Spanish Forestry Congress, can be used to improve fire risk maps.
    The research has been published recently in the Journal of Fire Sciences and has been carried out as part of the EU’s Sixth (...)

  • Press conference in Athens for the “next day” measures after the recent wildfires in the region of Athens

    4 September 2009
    From our partner Antonis Mantzavelas, OMIKRON Ltd., Thessaloniki, Greece.
    A press conference was held in Athens yesterday 2.9.2009 with the initiative of the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece (which members are the forest and agro engineers of Greece) and the Greek Bar Association. For this press conference were invited and participated the chairman of the Forest Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the chairman of the Agricultural University of Athens, the president of the (...)

  • Fire Situation in Greece

    26 août 2009
    From our partner Antonis Mantzavelas, OMIKRON Ltd., Thessaloniki, Greece. "Let me give you a closer feedback of the last WEs’ fires in north-east Attiki (the region near Athens). The fire lasted for about 48h and was extincted after burning about 10.000 ha with casualties in houses and other infrastructures, but not in human lives, and of course heavy impacts for the environment and the quality of life for the inhabitants, if we remember also the impact on the environment of the big fires (...)

  • « Furesta Nostra » : Un rendez vous pour la forêt de Corse

    10 juin 2009
    Le 14 juin 2009 forêt de VIZZAVONA
    Tout à la fois espace de production, de protection et de loisirs, la forêt Corse témoigne d’une richesse biologique sans pareil, d’une valeur économique à fort potentiel et d’un attrait touristique indéniable.
    Ce patrimoine d’exception est chaque été sous la menace d’incendies. Bien commun, la forêt est un patrimoine qui nous concerne tous et qui doit nous mobiliser tout au long de l’année et plus encore à l’approche de la saison à risque.
    Une journée pour les (...)


    8 April 2009
    The Association for Fire Ecology (AFE) has recently announced the call for Paper/Abstracts, Poster Presentations and Workshops for the Fourth International Fire Ecology and Management Congress: Fire as a Global Process to be held in Savannah, GA, USA from Nov. 30-Dec. 4, 2009
    The 4th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress will provide a forum on global wildland fire research and management. Featured invited speakers will put contemporary wildland fire issues into a global (...)

  • Euro-Mediterranean meeting for prescribed burning professionals promoted in Portugal

    26 March 2009
    The Euro-Mediterranean meeting for prescribed burning professionals took place from the 4th to the 8th of February 2009 in the village of Lousã, in the Center of Portugal. It gathered almost one hundred people from several countries like, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Morroco.
    The meeting had as its main goals: to promote prescribed burning techniques and potentials of their application in Euro-Mediterranean countries; to allow both active and future professionals from the (...)

  • Visiting Wildfires places is a way to learn and prevent: this is a Fire Paradox objective

    14 January 2009
    The University of Lleida organized in the Fire Paradox framework a forest fire field trip to the 48 ha wildfire "Camposines" of Mora d`Ebre, in Catalonia, Spain, that occured in last 29th of July of 2007.
    This visit happened in 3rd of December of 2008 and the objective was to provide a pedagogical point of view to the participants by considering this event as a training tool.
    By visiting this wildfire the participants (about 25 persons) had the opportunity to discuss and analyze how this (...)

  • “L`altra faccia del fuoco” presented in the 3rd National Forestry Congress in Italy

    14 January 2009
    The Fire Paradox project decided to present its outcomes at the 3rd National Forestry Congress that happened from 16th to 19th October 2008, in Taormina, Sicily, Italy. This event, organized by the state Forestry Services, the “Corpo Forestale dello Stato” gathered more than 400 persons from the academic, scientific, politic, economic, environmental areas all around the same objective: understand the present situation of the Italian forest and its value towards the creation of innovate (...)

  • The philosophy of the Fire Paradox is promoted in a prescribed burning course held in Argentina

    12 January 2009
    A 6 days course about "Ecología del fuego y quemas prescriptas en agroecosistemas" was given in Santiago del Estero, in Argentina, from 29th of September to 4th of October of 2008. This theoretical and practical prescribed burning course was promoted by the Fire Paradox project in order to offer to the participants a package of scientific and academic classes and field training in the planning, elaboration and execution of prescribed burning.
    This course was organized in partnership with (...)

  • United States of America receives a European perspective of the fire use provided by Fire Paradox

    9 January 2009
    The philosophy of the Fire Paradox project “flied” to the United States of America to join “The ’88 Fires: Yellowstone and Beyond” , in Jackson Hole, in the western state of Wyoming. This conference was held from 22nd to 27th of September of 2008 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 1988 fires in Yellowstone and the northern Rocky mountain area. Organized by the International Association of Wildland Fire, the main goal of this conference was to offer opportunities, through presentations, (...)

  • 1st International Advanced course in prescribed burning and backfiring in collaboration with the Fire Paradox WP9 meeting will happen in Spain.

    17 November 2008
    The 1st International Advanced course in prescribed burning and backfire will take place in Gran Canaria (Spain), from 14th to 19th of November of 2008. This course is promoted by the Fire Paradox project, especially by the Work Package 9 dedicated to demonstrations. The objectives of this course are: to plan and to execute successful prescribed burns, to organize logistic and workers safety issues needed in prescribed burns, to carry out prescribed burns under different fuel model (...)

  • L’écobuage en Pyrénées-Atlantiques : une pratique organisée autour des éleveurs et des maires

    18 septembre 2008
    Depuis 2003, l’Association Départementale des Elus de Montagne (ADEM), la cellule pastorale départementale et tous les acteurs concernés par l’écobuage, proposent aux communes et aux éleveurs de les accompagner pour mieux organiser leurs écobuages. L’écobuage est, dans le département des Pyrénées-Atlantiques (France), une pratique pastorale encore très répandue qui permet d’entretenir les pâturages des estives mais surtout les landes des zones intermédiaires. Les accidents successifs des années 2000 (décès (...)

  • The EuroFire Project

    17 September 2008
    The Eurofire project runs for 24 months from October 2006 to September 2008 and brings together partners with international expertise and experience in wildfire and prescribed fire management and training. The project partners are the Global Fire Monitoring Center, CTIF (the International Association of Fire and Rescue Services), and Rural Development Iinitiatives Ltd.
    Eurofire is a European partnership project, funded by EU Leonardo, that is developing a competency based training system (...)

  • A German group on a prescribed burning tour to France

    5 June 2008
    From 12th through 17th of February 2008, Hans Page and 6 other members of a German LIFE-group made a prescribed burning tour to Pyrénées-Orientales region welcomed by Dr. J. Faerber a fire ecologist from the Perpignan University and Bernard Lambert from the local prescribed burning team.
    Hans Page is the team leader for the prescribed burning group of the Kaiserstuhl viticulture area of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. This group is also involved in an integrated landscape management program of (...)

  • Articles of beginning of 2008

    13 April 2008
    Symposium on Fire Management in Cultural and Natural Landscapes, Nature Conservation and Forestry in Temperate-Boreal Eurasia (Freiburg, Germany, 25-27 January 2008)
    2008/01/25 - 2008/01/27
    The symposium was an activity of the Eurasian Fire in Nature Conservation Network (EFNCN). EFNCN is facilitated by the Fire Ecology Research Group / Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC), Freiburg, Germany. The Symposium was organized in close association with the EU FIRE PARADOX project, the EU LIFE (...)

  • Articles of 2006-2007

    13 April 2008
    Mission to Argentina team UL-UFF-P11
    2007/05/18 - 2007/05/27
    The main objectives of this mission are: 1. To help to address proper burning patterns, follow up of fire behavior during the burns in this critical season (May & early June) in Santiago del Estero (NW Argentina) 2. To show prescribed burning demonstration works by UL-UFF in both Catalonia and Gran Canaria regions of Spain) 3. To train in the documentation of prescribed burning demonstration sites 4. To train in fire propagation (...)

  • The beginning: news 2004-2005

    13 April 2008
    Meeting in Aveiro
    2005/10/22 - 2005/09/22 During the EUFIRELAB plenary meeting organised in Aveiro (Portugal), members of both projects EUFIRELAB and FIREPARADOX have organised a parallel meeting to prepare the future project FIREPARADOX. To know more :
    Acceptation of the proposal !
    2005/05/02 - 2005/05/02 The IP Fire Paradox has been successfully evaluated and will be founded by the European commission.
    To know more : (...)

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