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European Commission

European Commission Press release : "European Commission - working to combat fire and drought in the EU", 08/10/2005.

European Commission

Latest reports "Forest Fires in Europe" of the European Commission Joint Research Centre. "Forest Fires in Europe" Report

European Forest Fire Information System - EFFIS

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy

Learn to live with fire

International Association of Wildland Fire

International Association of Wildland Fire

2nd Human Dimensions of Wildland Fire Conference - April 26-29, 2010- Texas

The Association for Fire Ecology

The Association for Fire Ecology

Promoting the Application of Fire Ecology through Science and Education


Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

Ministère de l'Agriculture et de la Pêche - France Press materials : "Prevention of forest fires", 2006. See


Prométhée - France Data bank on forest fires in the Mediterranean region in France. Prométhée - France Prevention portal of major risks. Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Planning.
Information on forest fires risks.

Observatoire de la Forêt Méditerranéenne

Ofme - France Information portal on Mediterranean forest. It is a major source of information about forest fires. OFME

Préfecture du Languedoc-Roussillon et de l'Hérault

Prefecture Hérault - France Technical cell of prescribed burning (CTBD34) aims at develop this tool. See

Service d'Utilité Agricole de la Montagne: SUAMME

Prescribed burning news on Herault and Gard department. Network teams burning presentation; network meetings organization; taken actions; last published work.


Cemagref - France Research institute for water and territories sustainable management. Aix-en-Provence center is one of the ten groups of Cemagref. The four research units of Aix-en-Provence work mainly in two areas: water and rural areas. Special Issue DFCI "The fire against fire". Cemagref

Feu et biodiversité au niveau du paysage

Fédération Nationale des Sapeurs Pompiers de France

Pompiers - France Tactical fire feature : definitions, legal framework, professionals training, testimonials). FNS Pompiers

Institut pour la forêt méditerranéenne

Institut pour la Forêt Created since 1989 by the Regional Council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and by Entente Interdépartementale in order to Protect the Forest against wildfire. Institut pour la forêt

Office de l'Environnement de la Corse

O. E. C. Since 2006, "Office de l’Environnement de Corse" is a unique tool of local collectivity in wildfire prevention. OEC

Main french organism :
Principaux organismes français

Open picture: See


European Forest Institute

European Forest Institute - Finland Leading forest research network in Europe.
Dr. Caroline Narayan : Prescribed burning to mitigate CO2 emissions? EFI


Instituto de Meteorologia

Instituto de Meteorologia - Portugal Map of Fire index in Portugal. Instituto de Meteorologia

Floresta Unida

Foresta unida - Portugal Blog topics encouraging action in the field of prevention and fight against forest fires: Diffusion of conferences planning, seminars and reviews on the prevention and fight against portuguese fires. Floresta Unida


ATBRIF - Associacion de trabajadores de las Brigadas de Refuerzo Contra Incendios Forestales

ATBRIF - Associacion de trabajadores de las Brigadas de Refuerzo Contra Incendios Forestales La BRIF son unidades helitransportadas, especialmente entrenadas y formadas para el combate de incencios forestales. ATBRIF

FIREMaster - International Graduate Program in Fire Science and Management

International Graduate Program in Fire Science and Management - FireMaster FIREMaster will educate some graduate students (half EU and half US) in understanding, synthesizing and applying science to support integrated fire management for forests and other natural resources. FIREMaster

Javier Blanco - FireParadox Member

Javier Blanco Blog on Incendios Forestales y Quemas Prescritas Javier Blanco

Incendio Forestal

Incendio Forestal Un portal colaborativo sobre incendios forestales que queremos sea un punto de encuentro de profesionales que buscan compartir conocimientos. Incendio Forestal


Forum foreste

FORUM FORESTE La comunità online di riferimento sulle foreste. Forum foreste

Online Multimedia Plateform : Prototype