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A "Glocal" communication strategy

Online Multimedia Platform Communication is essential for developing public awareness on fire management methods and stakes. Multimedia on line tools offer various means not only to communicate but also to promote community involvement. Thanks to the multimedia on line platform (MOL, see: ), the Fire Paradox team can transmit global messages and favour local actions which could be easily adapted to each local context.

Product's leader

Pr. P.-Y. Badillo, Pr. D. Bourgeois, B. Asdourian, Laboratoire IRSIC
Patrick-Yves Badillo
Dominique Bourgeois
Bruno Asdourian
Communication Team
IRSIC Laboratory
Aix-Marseille University

Who will be interested in this product and why?

The MOL diffuses information to firstly the public at large, with general informative and awareness objectives about forests, risks…, and secondly to professionals and users of the forest with precise informative objectives about prescribed burning and backfires. Journalists and media are also reached through the global and local messages. Moreover the MOL favors interactive communication. Obviously decision makers and relays of opinion could also be interested by the MOL.

What are the innovative features?

The MOL provides new and efficient ways to communicate by using the more powerful media, with its more recents development (videos, Twitter, Facebook..) and by integrating the modern communication methods relying on public involvement and more generally a two way communication.

How does it serve the European cause with respect to the philosophy of Fire Paradox?

Let us give an example. Let us consider a fire-fighters community which would like to communicate about prescribed burnings. They could use the MOL as follows: they could select some arguments, key messages; they could validate within their own community some core messages and adapt them to their local context; they could also obtain advices from other stakeholders and know the perception of the public at large (or of any other target they could have in mind, for example some users of the forest). Finally they could improve their communication tools through interactive on line exchanges. So the philosophy of Fire Paradox can be efficiently disseminated and the European cause promoting an ecological management of fire can be reinforced.

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General objectives

Thanks to the MOL the objectives are to develop a glocal communication strategy, to involve communities and more generally to enhance public awareness. By taking advantage of Internet as a powerful new media, the MOL developed by the IRSIC team (from the University of Aix-Marseille in France) focuses on the use of multimedia tools which give the opportunity to communicate about the philosophy of Fire Paradox, to highlight local practices and set up a community involvement strategy. An important objective is to improve mutual understanding and effective communication.

Innovative aspects : from local to global issues

The MOL is not only a "global tool" but can be useful for different local stakeholders. The MOL integrates both internal (within the consortium) and external communication and relies on up to date new social media like Facebook or Twitter. Research in the field of Information and Communication Sciences has shown the interest of the theory of involvement for building trust and effective communication, which leads to more reliable and trustworthy partnerships between local communities, local government and fire services. The MOL brings tremendous possibilities for information dissemination and favors involvement at the European level by providing multimedia tools to communicate on new fire management methods.

Major results

The MOL is a very rich platform which integrates many tools, like: the Professional Newsletter, the information for "forest practitioners", especially for land owners, The Press Room (for journalists), Links to other Fire Paradox resources, a Web voluntary, partners’ geolocalisation, RSS (Really Simple Syndication), a Wiki, a Facebook group, You Tube (video dissemination), Tweeters news, Flickr (photos). The MOL includes also an optimization search engine optimization to evaluate communication flows. The MOL diffuses global information at a world level and is a very useful tool for different local communities. The MOL is a true multimedia platform which integrates many recent innovations (especially in the field of social media) to favor public involvement and participation.

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FireParadox Online Multimedia Plaftorm

Online Multimedia Platform

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