FireParadox Products

Structured and organized to enhance integration, Fire Paradox enters its fourth and last year. It is time for each product’s leader to materialize the integration process and to disseminate knowledge about their realization.

The products are defined according to four aspects of fire and in the incoming months, we are going to present to you details about each product.

Prescribed burning promotion

- Handbook to plan and use prescribed burning in Europe
- Set of regional prescribed burning demo sites
- Multi-criteria GIS tool to plan prescribed burnings
- Portuguese prescribed burning website

Suppression fire promotion

- Multi-criteria GIS tool to plan suppression fire and prescribed burnings
- Set of regional suppression fire demos sites (successful stories)

Fuel Knowledge platform

- Fuel Manager

- University level training systems in fire science and management
- GIS tools to produce maps concerning forest fire hazards
- Online multi-media platform for external communication
- Communication plan for public awareness on integrated fire management
- Standardized systems of training for fire professionals
- Low scale fire simulator
- Technical guide for end users to characterize and map wildland urban interface
- Fire cost
- A physically based 3D-model for fire behaviour and effects: physics and computer program
- Large scale fire simulator
- GIS tools to produce maps concerning forest fire hazards
- Fire scenarios: Tools for fire commanders
- Videopackage
- Target oriented guidelines

Information management platform: Fire Intuition

White book

Online Multimedia Plateform : Prototype