The Fire Paradox Project

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Fire is a phenomenon that is most destructive to forests in the Mediterranea region. Each year on average 400.000 hectare of forest and wildland is burned. Total damage to property and people is beyond calculation.

The reality

  • - Increase in biomass as a result of fire exclusion, has an adverse effect on the maintenance of biodiversity.
  • - Accumulation of biomass causes a steady increase in fire risk and subsequent wildfire damage.

The reality – and the increase in large Mediterranean forest fires during 2003 and 2005 – resulted in the initiation of the Fire Paradox project.

European project

The Fire Paradox is a European project originated in the 6th Development Research European program. It was inaugurated in March 2006, and brings together 36 partners from 16 countries for 48 months.

Project's objective

The project’s objective is to create a scientific and technical basis in order to define which new practices and integrated management policies will ensure Europe’s ability to prevent and fight fires most effectively.

New practices

The project offers a departure away from the usual strategy of managing fires, based on the modern uses of prescribed burning application and traditional fire-use.

The project presents a balanced approach to the management of non-afforested and afforested land, as well as the management of undesired fires in general.


Fire management is considered to be a new - globally-friendly - way to "fight fire with fire".

Professor Francisco Rego - FireParadox Main Coordinator

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