Set of regional Prescribed Burning Demonstrations Sites

To promote the wise use of fire in forest management

The main objective here will be to promote the benefits of Prescribed Burning (PB) through a set of regional demonstration sites. This challenge, as described by the Fire Paradox programme, has been allocated to the team of the Department of Crop and Forest Sciences (University of Lleida). Indeed Prescribed Burning today accomplishes many important ecological functions and landowner objectives. The work by the team of Professor Domingo Molina focuses not only on the removal of accumulated fuels by setting fire to a pre-determined site to reduce the risk of high intensity wildfires, but also invested in green restoration processes. Here the term “green” refers to forest restoration before a severe wildland fire can occur. Unfortunately, there is only “black” forest restoration during most circumstances. Here the term ”black” refers to the situation after fire has ocurred. In this case we only want to invest in forest restoration after a high intensity wildfire has destroyed a forest. Therefore, regular prescribed burning - as used by many natural resource agencies - does a good job in keeping fuel loading down and in releasing nutrients, which can then stimulate flower and fruit or seed production by means of providing ground layer plants and also by means of favoring certain species versus others (i.e., as a useful silvicultural tool). Although the benefits of Prescribed Burning are clear, there are also some negative aspects. Two of the most important issue, is the probability of fire spreading into adjacent properties and smoke pollution into populated areas. Good fire management reduces these risks or their side-effects.

Domingo MOLINA
MOLINA Domingo
PhD at University of California, Berkeley
Professor / Researcher at University of Lleida, Spain

Who will be interested in this product and why?

Forest managers, wildlife managers, wildland fire managers, fire-fighters, primary and secondary school teachers, policy makers, forest owners and researchers

What are the innovative features?

This is the first time that there will be a comprehensive set of well-documented prescribed burning sites across Europe (and beyond, in countries such as Argentina, South-Africa and Mongolia), and to make this available to be downloaded from the Fire Intuition web site.

How does it serve the European cause and promotes the philosophy of Fire Paradox?

These demonstrations sites do serve the philosophy of Fire Paradox. In my opinion, they help to prove that integrated fire management is the right way to go by means of displaying successful fire history in which the wise use of fire has resulted in a ”green” forest restoration result. The outcome of this is that forests where these actions were applied are either more resistant to wildfires, created a more diverse species composition, they created improved habitat for some rare mammals or birds, or provided more edible grasses.

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General objectives

The product provides the basis for training fire professionals in the wise use of fire for multiple purposes (wildland fire prevention, forest restoration, grazing management, wildlife habitat, and wildland fire prevention in the Wildland Urban Interface).

The objectives of these demonstration sites are:

- to document the most successful stories in relation to prescribed burning-use,
- to allow fire professionals and the general public to benefit from this,
- to enhance technology transfer (know-how),
- to have this material ready for both academic and fire professional training-use,
- to feed the “Fire Intuition” platform,
- to access data and information to the "set of regional PB demos sites",
- to share successful experiences in PB activities,
- to promote the wise use of fire (fire-use enhancement).

Innovative aspects

Here the main innovation consists of highlighting the mechanisms of the wise use of fire to reach specific management goals in different regions, by means of Web pages, Web-base screening, conferences, lectures, workshops, and training modules.

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