Suppression fire

Fighting fire with fire

A surprising idea! Using fire against forest fire is a often used technique called: tactical fire

What is suppression fire ?

Brűlage dirigé

Intentional application of fire to speed up or strengthen fire suppression action on wildfires. Types of suppression firing include backfire, burning out, counter firing.

A fire set along the inner edge of a fireline to consume the fuel in the path of a wildfire or change the direction of force of the fire's convection column. This wildfire suppression technique is not sufficiently used in Europe. To master this technique, it is necessary to work in a co-coordinated manner using experience acquired by present-day operators, backed up by the necessary research.

Setting fire inside a control line to consume fuel between the edge of the fire and the control line.

- Fire set between main fire and backfire to hasten spread of backfire.
- Emergency firing to stop, delay, or split a fire front, or to steer a fire.

Those fire-fighting methods are complementary and can be used for some operational cases

A Suppression fire

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