Video Package for Fire Paradox

Informative videos, screening wildfires and suppression fire use, including the application of prescribed burning as a fire management tool

Evidence, and selected aerial pictures of wildfires, prescribed burning and suppression fires, have been (and still are) recorded by professionals with thermal video cameras, and have been collected as part of the Fire Paradox programme. Most of these videos were recorded during the period 2006 – 2009 at the Scientific Summer Field Bases in Tivissa (Spain), Lousã (Portugal) and Bosa (Italy). These video productions illustrate mainly wildfires, but also the use of fire during fire fighting operations.

Product's leader

François Binggeli, Espaces Méditerranéens
François Binggeli
Espaces Méditerranéens

Who will be interested in the product and why?

The Fire Paradox teams should distribute these demonstration DVD’s to interested stakeholders based in their respective countries and regions, to disciplines such as: Research and higher education organizations, libraries, government and private institutions, international agencies, the public at large and professionals of English speaking countries.
Like a "white paper", the objective of this package will be to tell the world about the exciting and unique features of the Fire Paradox programme. These DVD’s will also make it possible to provide a wider choice of images to journalists and programmers, who regularly enquire the use of suitable material for their magazines, papers and television reports.

What about the innovative features?

During the past four years of the Fire Paradox programme existence, we have successfully conveyed the most important fire-related messages to an as-wide-as-possible audience. The images speak for themselves, and are sometimes overtaking other methods of technology transfer in a much shorter period of time.
This year the device for collecting images will also include the attendance of a journalist in an aeroplane equipped with four cameras. It is also anticipated that this product will not be restricted to the English speaking world, but also to Internet users of Latin-speaking countries.

How does it serve the European cause with respect to the philosophy of Fire Paradox?

Fire is a dynamic event, which is difficult to research. Because of the range of ecosystems related to fire, found in a variety of geographical landscapes and climatic regions, it is important to identify that in each case/site fire plays a unique role.
The application of forest fires for fire prevention and as traditional "backfire" (suppression fire) operations to contain wildfires, are many times controversial issues to the public at large, and this will be addressed by this audiovisual material. These videos will show the viewer the reality of fire, and will make it possible to create an improved knowledge-base for all.

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General objectives

This Fire Paradox audio-visual production provides a glance into the world of operational fire fighting. It focuses its vision on selected video documentation, which the Fire Paradox produces almost daily.

Innovative aspects : Unique images on wildfires and suppression fires

The Fire Paradox video reports and documentaries were often recorded at the heart of fire fighting action. The quality of some high density images is unique in the world, such as infrared images viewed with real time monitoring aircraft, while conduction suppression fire operations.
This product will be available on the Fire Paradox website (Fire Insight Information Management Platform): In a multi-media and multilingual form. The video package will provide some illustrations, which can be regarded as specially-selected images of the project.

Major results

During this autumn, a selection of films in the English language (the EU official language) will be evaluated by a panel of experts. This panel will be made up of scientists, teachers and fire managers, most of which will be from outside the Fire Paradox family. This evaluation process will be driven by the project’s philosophy, focus, educational interest, esthetical value and editing quality. This set of films will be available in three forms:

- a distinctive logo will mark the selected documents on the website. This logo will make it possible for the web-visitor to select directly from the experts’ panel recommended audiovisual document choices, in six different languages;

- an easy-assessable report-form will be created on youTube;

- for illustration purposes two DVD’s with a presentation guide will be provided. We are also planning to add one more DVD with two or three documentaries in a native Mediterranean language.

Upcoming videos...

The Fire Paradox Video Package will be available as from February 2010. The way to access this material will be indicated in the "Professional Newsletter" of the Fire Paradox website.

An example of video

"Suppression fire, basic principle" - Video Package

Video Pacakage -

Online Multimedia Plateform : Prototype